Her 2nd issue after Arena

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• X-23 is back, joining the ALL-NEW X-MEN and kissing Cyclops? What does this mean to Jean Grey?

• Jean and X-23 are forced to team up against a mysterious force, so she better figure it out

Out January 2014

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So with her smootching on Cyke, does this mean she has to try and stab Jean?

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I'm not hating Laura's costume here, they're trying to reference her talon look O_O. Jean's look on the other hand =___=

So I'm guessing AA is over at least for Laura so I don't have to buy any proceeding AA titles if she isn't in it. My pull list is shrinking ^___^

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@ensabahnurx: She'll be in the last two issues of Arena (it ends at 18). Do keep in mind this solicit is for next year :P

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That costume screams Wolverine, not that i'm against it. *sigh* Laura's eyes are not blue!

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So with her smootching on Cyke, does this mean she has to try and stab Jean?

Or make out with jean......plus there poses on that cover are laughable, it doesnt look real

The new threat is probably the death commandos who want to kidnap jean grey and take her to chandlar(shi'ar palace) for her trial on war crimes and X-23 warns the others that jean grey was taken....

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Or make out with jean....

In some of our dreams :) Though I was figuring, with a 'kid Wolverine' getting involved with Kid Cyclops, the opposite of the adult wolverine/jean relationship might not be that far off.

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Why did they put jean in green now she looks a lot like Hope who look,s a lot like jean.

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As if the past X-men were not messed up enough now they add X-23 to the mix and literally put her between Cyke and Jean. Yea, because they haven't suffered enough O.o

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Her outfit looks like beast's. Will she join the all-new x-men for good?! I hope not...

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I'm hoping she joins up with Wolverine and his team X-Men or Cable's X-Force, don't really like her with the back stabbing crew of Cyclops and his team of so called "X-Men"

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