Favorite version of Laura from other media/ universe

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And why? Personally I enjoy the MVC3 version

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I think the mvc3 version is awesome :) i like them all besides i see some of her quotes a little off character

LOVED target x

Cpt. universe was cool

her with venom/ghost rider was a tad off but enjoyable non the less

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I liked her X-Men: Evolution version, I honestly wish they would have kept her slightly closer to that version at least in how she looks in that series.

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Loved the future-Laura in WATXM

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@Mercy_ said:

Loved the future-Laura in WATXM

That's what I was thinking. I couldn't remember where it was from though.

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@x_29: and btw do you know why she shades her face away from the camera and looks back at it when she wins in MVC3?

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I've only seen WATXM and Evolution. Just bought MVC3 so I'm with holdinh my opinion until I play the game.

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@FourthDeity: Idk... cuz she's sexy and she knows it??

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@x_29: lmao she better

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Love her in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not only is she my favourite character, but she's also my best character to play. They kinda screwed up how she looks on the character-select screen (seriously she looks like she just snorted 3 lines of coke), but otherwise throughout the game she looks really pretty, and moves how I'd expect her to. She's just an all-around great character, too. Able to dish out wicked damage and suitable for all 3 slots in a team.

Laura in X-Men Evolution was really well done as well. I'm kinda glad they made her look different in the comics, but she was still a great character. And the two episodes with her in it made the whole series truly worth watching. Her in "Wolverine and the X-Men" was awful. The way she's portrayed and how Wolverine responds to her just seems so unrealistic and hard to swallow.

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So far I've only seen her in WATXM and Evolution. Overall I preferred her portrayal in X-Men: Evolution.

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X-Men: Evolution. Gotta love the original.

Laura has obviously become a sex symbol of sorts since her original appearance, but I kinda liked her in X-Men: Evolution when she was clearly just a non-sexualized, non-gothy little kid. I do like the emo-teen Laura of the comics, too, but there'll always be a special place in my heart for the original X-23. Back then, her appearance (short little girl with a permanent scowl) clashed even more starkly with her being a trained killer. I really liked her design in the show, and the coreography of her fight scene with Wolverine in her debut episode was pretty cool.

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I love her oringal version ,and cold but nice girl.


I love her UMVC3 version too but that's just not so X-23 ,but i love it especialy when i use Ghost Rider ,X-23 and Spider-man as my main team.

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@MyraMyraMyra: I would not say that Laura has become or is viewed as a sex symbol in any way really.

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@Hysteria said:

I've only seen WATXM and Evolution.

Basically this.

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@x_29 said:

@MyraMyraMyra: I would not say that Laura has become or is viewed as a sex symbol in any way really.

No? I think she's highly sexualized by creative teams and fans alike. Liu didn't portray her as a sex object in the X-23 series, but I'd say that she's been heavily sexualized in most of her other appearances. She may not be doing anything particularly sexual in her stories, but I think she's often drawn as a sexy teen in sexy clothes.

I admit that sex symbol is probably the wrong word for someone who has not reached an iconic status just yet, but I would definitely say that she's a sex object in the comics. She's constantly drawn wearing skimpy little goth outfits that are sometimes borderline fetish-y, and I would go as far sa saying that a significant part of her fan following regard her as a sex - shoot, here I go again - symbol (just look at all the pin-up poses in all the fanart). Hell, her costume in one of her most recent appearances consisted of a bra and tight pants.

I'm not saying that she's all eye candy, which I definitely don't think she is, but in my opinion she is very sexualized in the comics, which I think is one of the main differences between the comic book Laura and the original X-Men: Evolution Laura (who was portrayed as a kid, not as a sexy teen).

Behold, Exhibit A:

Wearin That
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She might become similar as Lara Croft the Tomb Raider ,i mean her personality. I said this because lots of girls love Tomb Raider too.

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