Favorite Stories?(X-23)

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Oh gosh... Every new Laura story becomes my favorite... Geez, I am particular to sequences, the few pages that reveal yet another X-23 gem: 
- When X-23 had the M virus and felt she had to kill hrself 
- When she finds Kiden Nixon as an enslaved time altering machine and has to witness her death 
- When Laura sits with her Mom to read Pinnocchio. Pinnocchio plays such a big part in X-23's life, 
- When Laura hears of Surge and Hellion kissing, runs into the bathroom and goes ballistic. 
- When Laura goes into the future with X-Force and carves an "X" in the concrete -as she's getting called "Creepy Girl" by Domino 
- When Hellion admits that X-23 scares him to death. 
- In X-Force when Laura cuts herself while sitting in the snowy forest after talking with Wolverine as she repeats, "I don't understand... I don't understand.." 
- When Laura fights in the facility with only one arm 
- In New X-Men when captured by Belasco, X-23 says, "You have to fight!"  
- And my most favorite: At the end of New X-Men: 'Mercury Falling' (my favorite) when she's comforting Mercury, whose still in pain from the Facility capture/ rescue, and the dialogue that takes place between them about Laura spending her whole life in the Facility.. so simple, but so telling. That was like sheer nirvana when I read that.
- it just goes on and on...
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Despite all the stories showing off Laura's kickassery (that is a word I read it in a comic) but I loved when Elixir wouldn't let her kill herself in X-Force #10. It was nice that a character expressed what they thought about her without it being negative. 
This issue also spawned a fanfiction that I love: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4782635/1/Shameless_bSummer_b_bSun_b 
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Do you know which issues these scenes can be found in?
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Sure, if you serious want to know, I'll dig em up. Can't do it immediately, but it's on the ToDo list.
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