anyone angry about X-23 be the reward of PVP tournament season 5?

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anyone angry about X-23 be the reward of PVP tournament season 5 of MARVEL AVENGERS ALLIANCE?

I mean really ,you need to sepnd a lots a lots a lots A LOTS of money to win the reward or you will have to wait for a month to recuit her ,and i really really REALLY love X-23 so i try very very VERY hard to win ,but PVP really sucks not only because some people are able to one hit kill you also game are often to CRUSH webpage not response ,and if that happen it will count you as lose...

I want to win this because...well i want to prove i LOVE X-23 very much ,i bet playdom already know this is how diehard comic book fan react and i hate them for using it as profit...

can they like make some redeem code of gold or special item alongside with comic books? it's sound fair if they do that ,but comic book also got game item.

Anyone of you are trying as well?

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Why not just wait the month?

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There's no reason to be angry. It had to be a character SOMEBODY loved. You just got unlucky.

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Because i expect her for months already ,and it's kind of like ego issuse thing...I think i'm trying to prove how much i like X-23 by wining this one.


Ya...I feel like kick by Black Cat if you know what I mean..heh

Just saying i really love X-23 and it doesn't mean i love her any less if i'm not willing to spend my cash to win thise one ,i try it hard for X-23 ,even if i know i can't win.

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Did anyone make it? I make it to 4.5% (1.8% before)

Curse the damn Playdom ,as i sald before the only way to really win this is SPEND A LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY at this crap...

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I can't say I particularly understand how unlocking her a few weeks early proves you're any bigger of a fan. I promise you there are people who don't even care about her that unlocked her just because they could, or are completionists.

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I hate the PVP. I only do the five fights per day to open the chest. Its just too hard to get any good ranking in the PVP fights, sort of like the first few Spec Ops.

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The PVP rewards are structured in the worst way possible.

0.5% or only 1 out of every 200 people gets the the new character.

That's redonkulous.

Saving up CP for her now though.

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alright boys and girls next week she will be avaliable for all of us i already get my 135 CP ready (even recuit Punisher before) ,i'm really looking forward to it.

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And I'm the one who posted about her! I was full of rage! I almost turned into the Hulk! I was like: "First Deadpool, now X-23?!" . Oh and if you'll look closely there are more X-Men than Avengers in this game.

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