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X-23's new life comes burning down all around her as the Facility makes its move to take her back. She's faced overwhelming odds before, but not like this. Now X-23 has to save innocent lives instead of take them, and she has to do it with the one person she cannot defeat gunning for her. Who is Kimura? The beginning of the end starts here!


Desmond, the agent from the Facility posing as X-23's boyfriend, tries to abort the mission as he has had the trigger scent spilled on him. There is no stopping X-23 as she makes quick work of him. Suddenly Megan recalls when X-23 told her about the trigger. She runs upstairs to see if her mother had any of the tea. Megan grabs her mother and they try hiding in the bathroom. As X-23 hacks away at the door, they both get in the shower in hopes of washing off the scent. Just as the last traces wash down the drain, X-23 returns to normal but "smells" that Kimura as arrived.

X-23 tells Captain America and Matt Murdock about her first meeting of Kimura and how she was designed to be her handler. Kimura was a cruel and vicious woman that X-23 could not hurt. She took great pleasure in punishing X-23 at every opportunity, regardless if she succeeded or failed in a mission.

Continuing with the story, X-23, Megan, and Debbie go down to the basement. X-23 cuts a water pipe which unleashes cold water on them. X-23 tells them to stay down there regardless what they hear upstairs and not to make a sound.

One by one, X-23 brutally takes out all the agents that come inside searching for them. Just as it appears that they are all taken down, Kimura appears and grabs X-23 from behind

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