omertalvendetta's X-23 #9 - Collision, Pt. 3 review

Not Sure How I Feel About This One...


This is honestly the worst cover I have seen in a very long time.  They both look constipated and extremely ugly, and it is just not very appealing.

The Good:

The story itself is full of mystery.  This isn't Daken's comic, but because both characters are written by the same writer, you obviously get the proper characterization of both that you would get in their own comic, and it's a definite bonus here. As for X-23, this issue- hell, this crossover, has breathed new life to a series that had started to become stale.  Obviously, it's hard to tell what's in store for Laura from this series alone, but hopefully it continues to deliver this stories with this kind of tone.

The Bad:

Some of the art was pretty bad, actually, especially Daken's expressions.  In addition, the constant mentions of X-23's body odor were really distracting, but I guess this issue was all about smells, which is kind of stupid in a way.  I understand the heightened senses, but it all just came across cheesy.  Also, the very last panel didn't really leave me excited for next month's issue.  I wasn't very impressed with the direction the Collision story line is culminating, I guess is what I really mean.


Things kind of head downhill with this issue.  We are given great characterizations, as usual, of both of the characters in question, but some of the details and the plot itself has unfortunately become incomprehensible.  I do enjoy the mystery behind Daken's character and his intentions, but I'm a little disappointed that we got what felt like too much Daken and very little X-23.  

Edited by JonesDeini

I've been debating dropping this series for a while but love Laura and Liu, so I keep sticking it out. The last two issues really showed me what this title could do when Liu and her artist are on the same page and bringing their A game. I think above all else this title needs a STEADY ARTISTS. It's so distracting to jump styles almost every issue. 

Daken looks like David Allen Grier in white face on that cover...truly frightening 
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@JonesDeini: I have not enough words to describe how atrocious that cover looks...  and I couldn't agree more about having steady artists!
Posted by JonesDeini
@omertalvendetta said:
@JonesDeini: I have not enough words to describe how atrocious that cover looks...  and I couldn't agree more about having steady artists!
That's always a sure sign that a title's in trouble, bro. That wither means the artists doesn't believe in it or the company doesn't. I actually dropped the title after this issue. Look ahead on the solicits and saw that it'll be tied into another story I'm none to fond of (Vamp Jubes). This title's been a missed opportunity to build Laura as a character and expand her. Instead she's becoming a background character in her book and reads like a sidekick to Gambit/Daken. The best thing about Liu's stellar Black Widow run was that she had cameos with Wolvie, Logan,& Bucky but their presence never overpowered Natasha. 

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