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Ripped from the pages of NYX, character creator Craig Kyle and star artist Billy Tan bring X-23's origin to a deadly finale! She was created to be the ultimate killing machine... but now she's been unleashed on the facility that created her. It's payback time, and no one will walk away unscathed. One word: SNIKT!


A shadowy organization recreated the WEAPON X program with the help of renowned mutant geneticist DR. SARAH KINNEY. Using damaged DNA from the mutant now known as Wolverine, X-23 is created.

Two men molded X-23 into a killing machine: project leader MARTIN SUTTER and DR. ZANDER RICE, the son of the man who was killed by WEAPON X when he retrieved the original DNA sample.

Sutter sold X-23's services as an assassin to the highest bidder. As Sarah stood by helplessly, X-23 killed hundreds. And while Sarah's attachment and guilt grew, so did Zander's rage. He had transferred his hatred of the original Weapon X onto X-23.

After seeing Sarah use X-23 to save her niece, Zander was inspired to do something similar: He sent X-23 to kill Martin and his family in order to take over the Facility.

But for the first time, X-23 chose NOT to kill-she spared the life of Martin and Rachel's young son HENRY and brought a family photo of the Sutters back to Sarah, implicating Zander in their deaths.

Now in charge, Zander reveals to Sarah that production has begun on X-24 through X-50, all to be sold off. He orders Sarah to say goodbye to X-23 and then leave...or be killed. What he doesn't realize is that Sarah is giving X-23 one last mission.

Sarah is unleashing her against the Facility that created her, and X-23's primary target: Zander Rice.

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