no_name_'s X-23 #5 - Songs of the Orphan Child, Part 2 review

Not So Sinister, Miss Sinister

X-23's has teamed up with Gambit to uncover the real motive behind Miss Sinister in this issue, and the ending is a killer. 

The Good  

X-23's team up with Gambit reminded me a lot of his relationship with Storm from Claremont's X-Men days, and this issue is no different. The interaction and dialogue between the two characters is really good, and Gambit acts as a guide for X-23 in a way that Wolverine can't. In his own way, he looks out for her and begs her to heed his advice. X-23's soul searching seems to have taken a twisted turn, and she encounters several children that have a lot in common with her- which is a very interesting dynamic. The pacing of the story is good, and Gambit is no fool. I really dig the way writer Marjorie Liu delves into Gambit's memories. He, more than anyone, has a very special relationship with Mr. Sinister, and this issue definitely alludes to and plays on that idea. This issue will definitely leave you wondering whether or not there may be more than one Lara out there...

The Bad  

Like I said, the pacing is good, and the art is not bad- the only real problem I had with the issue was with Miss Sinister. I have a hard time believing that Gambit would simply allow Lara to go down into a cave with Miss Sinister as easily as he did, but I understand that he respects her desire to dig deeper to find answers. I guess my biggest problem was with Miss Sinister. She did not seem to me to be a very formidable opponent, and was not exactly very interesting- at least not in this issue. She didn't deceive me, and I wasn't convinced, particularly during the shapeshifting scene. I wasn't impressed.

The Verdict: 3.5 out of 5  

Even though the ending left me at the edge of my seat, this definitely is not Marjorie's best issue- then again she has set the bar pretty high with her first few issues. I was left unimpressed by Miss Sinister and would have loved it if she was written to be slightly more deceptive. 

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Posted by FoxxFireArt

Now you see, I think X-23 is an actual character that deserves her own series. Far too often Marvel just throws books at characters that are better at supporting roles and can't carry their own book. I'm an Emma Frost fan, and I loved that short run series she had. I just know that she could never have her own ongoing series. Sort of what they are doing with Hope Summers.
I've just never been too fond of the character Gambit. I am also not a fan of the idea that Sinister had a hand in making X-23. It starts to reinforce this idea that there are no clones in this universe that aren't made by Sinister in some way. 
This cover image is nice. I just find it funny how really skilled artists struggle to draw adolescent characters.

Posted by JonesDeini
Sigh, haven't gotten my issue yet, but that's the angle they're going with? Dammit, was expecting better from Liu. 
Posted by G-Man
@JonesDeini: I loved the issue.
Posted by JonesDeini
Okay, bro, finally read it. Good issue. But I have some problems with this. Mostly the same one's Babs' named in her review. She took the EXACT route I was hoping she wouldn't with the Sinister/Ms. Sinister thing. And I really, really, really am disappointed by that, man. Such a let down, she's much too talented a writer to use an idea that hackneyed. And the cliff hanger ending truly has me wondering if I want to continue this series if it keeps going in this direction.  
Posted by G-Man
@JonesDeini: I'm going to wait and see. I trust Marjorie.
Posted by JonesDeini
I'm not going to drop the series, don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but she's already done exactly what I feared she'd do. Of course, she could rebound and turn this around. It's not too far gone. I trust her as well and am hoping she blows my mind next issue. 

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