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X-23's true origin continues. X-23 has committed hundreds of assassinations, but now the one person who swore they would never treat X-23 like a weapon will send her on a personal mission. All the answers are here as events race to a dizzying close.


A shadowy organization recreated the WEAPON X program with the help of renowned mutant geneticist DR. SARAH KINNEY. Using damaged DNA taken from the mutant now known as Wolverine, X-23 was created.

From birth, two men have molded X-23 into a killing machine: project leader MARTIN SUTTER and DR. ZANDER RICE, the orphaned son of DALE RICE, the man who obtainted the original DNA sample from WEAPON X.

As a child, X-23 trained in the arts of war, strategy, human anatomy, weapons, combat and stealth. But it is only now that Sarah, X-23's creator and mother, sees the true consequences of what she has done. Sarah was unable to prevent Zander from violently bonding X-23's bone claws with ADAMANTIUM, and she remains unaware of the creation of TRIGGER SCENT, a chemical that sends X-23 into an uncontrollable murderous BERSERKER RAGE.

Martin's plans have come into fruition as his true motivation is revealed: money. X-23's services as an assassin are sold around the globe to the highest bidder. In thousands of missions, X-23 kills her targets and more, leaving no witnesses to her actions.

Sarah's niece MEGAN corresponds with her, always reminding the scientist of what X-23's life could have been like if she hadn't given X-23 to the program.

In X-23's most recent mission, a raid on an A.I.M. facility, X-23 was left behind to die by Rice, who abandoned X-23 to avenge his father's murder. In her final moments, X-23 is surrounded by dozens of A.I.M. troopers with no time to react as they open fire on her.

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