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I take it back...

Well I hated this whole Wolverine goes to hell crossover in both x-23 and Daken, two series with great writers which in my opinion should have stood up in their own rights but got dragged into Wolverine's storyline. I thought it was unecessary and bored me, it gave me pause to think about dropping the Daken book. 
Anyhow, Liu has pulled it out of the bag. I loved this issue, so much so it made me overlook the whole wolverine angle.  
The Good 
 Art gorgeous absolutely beautiful and perfect renditions of the characters. Storm looks regal & maternal, Cyclops looks like a leader, Emma looks like a bitch and her posing is great like she's whispering in Cyclops' ear, Gambit well it's just gambit all over but most importantly X-23 looks like X-23!!! She's got the look of a young girl, something a lot of artists screw up by making her look like a late 20's porn star (Greg Land I'm looking at you!!), this artist gets X-23 and conveys her emotions perfectly. Bravo good sir, bravo! 
Marjorie Liu has nailed X-23's character here, she's not emotionally helpless, just lost she's been brainwashed to believe she's only a weapon but Liu makes a point out of showing us she wasn't born like this. It tooks years and a lot of effort to turn her into a weapon.  
I love this issue and this arc overall has been used to demonstrate Laura's motives. Her choice, an important word here, to leave utopia and the x-men needed to be explained and I'm glad Liu took the time to do this. It took remy to spell it out but let's face it he's the perfect choice, he understands what it means to be distrusted by his friends 
The Bad 
Me. Me for jumping to conclusions I should have trusted in Liu 


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