graphiccasualfreak's X-23 #3 - The Killing Dream Part 3 review

My Patience Has Paid Off!

   Wow, finally an X-23 comic I can be really excited about.  I was a little put off by the whole goes to Hell thing.  But I guess considering the connection she has with Wolverine it was necessary.  I really liked the whole story and the art was really well done.  I can't wait to see the next issue.  Hopefully without X-Men or Wolverine to muddy the waters of the fiction.  Can't wait, but this was definitely a pivotal issue in the series so far.


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    Laura fights back in Hell. 0

    Laura faces her demons. Pros: Marjorie Liu continues give Laura more of a personality. While she's running in "Hell", she discovers some sort of light that I'm going to assume that it's her "Soul", that shows her a bit of Laura's past when she was part of Weapon X. It does gives off a sense that Laura is more than a killer and that she can choose her own path. That is what she decides to do, and ends up leaving the X-men. Since Gambit isn't doing much these days, I'll be glad to see him tag alon...

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