matkrenz's X-23 #3 - The Killing Dream Part 3 review

Well that was a quick trip to Hell.

Issue 3 of the X-23 series. 
The Story:We start with a flashback of Laura's mom (Sarah Kinney) of how she was a mom to her,leaving her to follow her boss order's and her dying by Laura's hands.In Hell she is attacking wolves  and one of them transform's into Cyclops and he says that he owns her ever since he first saw her kill.After she runs away she encounters her soul and says that she will never leave her since that is the part the scientist's did not get to her.In another flashback we see that the Facility scientist's were trying to break her mind by showng her horrific image's and also forcing her to kill her puppie.Back in Hell we see the evil soul that's controlling Wolverine is telling her taht she will kill all the people she cares about someday and to show that he is a good person to her he shows that he stopped the Gamemaster when he dwelled into her mind.Laura tells him that she does have a third choice when it come's to helping  Hellion is her.Both of them are transported back on Utopia and Laura see's that she has a strange mark on herright hand.Cyclops and Emma think that Laura needs to stay on the island to help her,Ororo says that she needs to be left alone but Gambit says that it would be pointless to try to help since she will problably leave the island to help herself.We see that Laura wanted to talk to Hellion but doesn't say anything and Ororo stop's her but Laura say's that she might comeback until she figure's all her problems out.We see Laura walking in the city and she is followed by Miss Sinister. 
The Good:It was pretty cool to see Laura facing off against the wolve's,Cyclops manifestation and Wolvie,it really showed that she will fight until the end to save herself.Also all those flashbacks to her time in the Facility and how they were trying to turn her into a killing machine was very informative.Also them forcing her to kill a puppie was pretty cruel.Also I gotta say the think with her soul seems pretty interesting.Finally I did enjoy Will Conrad's but I loved Sana Takeda's art even more.It just fit's better and the coloring just fit. 
The Bad:I taught that Laura did not spend enough time in Hell and fight more of her demons.I guess Liu has something in mind but since ALL of the Wolverine family is supposed to go to Hell,it would make sense to have her stay there more.Also who is Gamemaster ?I was just confused when he was there and I don't get why he was mentioned. 
The Verdict:This was a strong issue,showing Laura won't back down when it come's to her surviving.Also it set's up what's going to happen in the future and it will involve Miss Sinister,who I have to no previous knowledge of.This is a buy.

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