duo_forbidden's X-23 #3 - The Killing Dream Part 3 review

Laura fights back in Hell.

Laura faces her demons.

Marjorie Liu continues give Laura more of a personality. While she's running in "Hell", she discovers some sort of light that I'm going to assume that it's her "Soul", that shows her a bit of Laura's past when she was part of Weapon X. It does gives off a sense that Laura is more than a killer and that she can choose her own path. That is what she decides to do, and ends up leaving the X-men. Since Gambit isn't doing much these days, I'll be glad to see him tag along with Laura in the future (As long as he tries not to seduce her).

I'm not really too fond of this month's cover by Danni Luo. Will Conrad's art is great, but I think Sana Takeda's work outdid him with the flashback pages. I like the emotionless pages of Laura. The pages with Laura holding the puppy was a bit creepy. Combine it with John Rauch coloring, and you have a well done issue.

This may be me, but it seems Laura's encounter of "Hell" ended a bit too fast. Other than the cover, there is a few details missing from Laura's flashback, but I can forgive that.

Overall: I've been really impressed X-23 so far. I'm sure Laura will come back to the X-men sometime soon, but I'm curious on where her journey might take her. From what I read online, I guess the woman at the end is Ms. Sinister and is going to be following her (When did Sinister had a kid? Sorry, I been out of touch with X-men for a while).

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

ms sinister is a clone for mr sinister to download his body into if im not mistaken

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Ah, I see. So his original body was destroyed in the past?

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