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X-23 #3 Review 0

       Marjorie Liu and Will Conrad continue to explore X-23 here in issue #3.This issue kicks off with an anthology like flashbacks to   and goes back to them every so often in the issue. And I honestly didn't mind the change of art by Sana Takeda.  Following that we venture to a scence in Laura's mindscape about how she feels controled by Cyclops and I feel much more understanding of her character from this scence.She manages to get this symbol of light to escape and get her mind back to Ut...

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Laura fights back in Hell. 0

Laura faces her demons. Pros: Marjorie Liu continues give Laura more of a personality. While she's running in "Hell", she discovers some sort of light that I'm going to assume that it's her "Soul", that shows her a bit of Laura's past when she was part of Weapon X. It does gives off a sense that Laura is more than a killer and that she can choose her own path. That is what she decides to do, and ends up leaving the X-men. Since Gambit isn't doing much these days, I'll be glad to see him tag alon...

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Well that was a quick trip to Hell. 0

Issue 3 of the X-23 series.  The Story:We start with a flashback of Laura's mom (Sarah Kinney) of how she was a mom to her,leaving her to follow her boss order's and her dying by Laura's hands.In Hell she is attacking wolves  and one of them transform's into Cyclops and he says that he owns her ever since he first saw her kill.After she runs away she encounters her soul and says that she will never leave her since that is the part the scientist's did not get to her.In another flashback we see th...

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My Patience Has Paid Off! 0

   Wow, finally an X-23 comic I can be really excited about.  I was a little put off by the whole goes to Hell thing.  But I guess considering the connection she has with Wolverine it was necessary.  I really liked the whole story and the art was really well done.  I can't wait to see the next issue.  Hopefully without X-Men or Wolverine to muddy the waters of the fiction.  Can't wait, but this was definitely a pivotal issue in the series so far....

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I take it back... 0

Well I hated this whole Wolverine goes to hell crossover in both x-23 and Daken, two series with great writers which in my opinion should have stood up in their own rights but got dragged into Wolverine's storyline. I thought it was unecessary and bored me, it gave me pause to think about dropping the Daken book. Anyhow, Liu has pulled it out of the bag. I loved this issue, so much so it made me overlook the whole wolverine angle.   The Good  Art gorgeous absolutely beautiful and perfect renditi...

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Choices 0

Another "Wolverine Goes to Hell" tie in that doesn´t explain much about Logan´s situation, but it´s so good for exploring Laura´s fears, personality and dreams that can easily be not labeled or tagged as a bad tie-in. Marjorie Liu´s aproach on the character is amazing, very deep (not cheesy), with lots of elements of her persona that she uses to convince both the readers and Laura that she isn´t a killling machine, that she was just programmed to be so, but that she can delete all that since she...

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