matkrenz's X-23 #2 - The Killing Dream Part 2 review

Laura is finally in Hell.

Issue 2 of the X-23 series.   
The Story:We start with a flashback with Laura and Logan are spending time together at a carnival and Logan says that he would want to adopt Laura and be her real father but Laura says he already is.Back in the present Laura is in the burning building from the last issue and meets the Devil and he says that she is a perfect killer.She says one persona nd he says that she was the one that caused the fire and killed them all.And we also see that Remy might look after Laura for a while since he gives her his jacket.Back on Utopia we learn from Storm that it was a gas leak that caused the fire.CYclops comes in and says that Laura needs to speak with the investigators and when they leave Laura has a weird moment were Cyclpos and Storm look like demons and says that she is a killer.Logan comes in and acts really aggressive towards Laura wich we learn that he his possessed by a demon.Laura attacks Logan to defend herself and then Julian comes in and stops her.Laura is trying to convince Julian to get her down but he gets attacked by possessed Logan and he makes a deal with her.If she goes to hell Julian will be saved,so she accepts.And we have a conversation with Ororo and Remy wich reveals that Remy will be appearring more often since he will look after her a little.Last scene is Laura in Hell and decides to fight back. 
The Good:I loved the first scene of this issue.It just shows how Logan can be a good father figure.Also I am interested how Remy is going to be used in the series but since he a fun character im sure it will be great.Also Will Conrad's art is still great as always.And Laura in Hell should have great character development and crazy battles. 
The Bad:I did not like that the fire was caused by a gas leak but I suspect it is actually the Devil's doing,wich I hope it's true.Also Laura is usually a well spoken person but when she was talking to Julian she was talking in short sentence's and she would have been able to explain the situation properly. 
The Verdict:This second issue is very strong,with good characterisation and great art.If you are interested in this character then go buy the first issue and get this one and this series is great even for those that know nothing about this character,(just like me before I got the first issue).This is a buy.


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