gawdzilla's X-23 #2 - The Killing Dream Part 2 review

A Nice Follow Up

When we last saw X-23 she was visiting a Mutant Half-Way house when she suddenly had a vision and then when she snapped out of it people were dead and the half way hose was on fire. 
The issue starts with a nice little flash back scene between X-23 and Wolverine where he offers to legally adopt her as his daughter. We flash forward to the present where X-23 runs through the house and confronts the demon as well as helping a man escape from the blaze. We see Gambit helping X-23 out by giving her his coat. Back on Utopia X-23 is visited by Logan but she quickly finds out it is in fact Hellverine. The two fight and Hellion walks in to see X-23 stab Hellverine. Hellion thinks X-23 is freaking out but when she tries to warn him Hellverine stabs him in the back. Hellverine then offers to bring Hellion back is she joins him, Laura accepts the deal and Hellverine takes her homw where X-23 promises to do what she does best: fight back.
While i didn't enjoy this as much as issue 1, issue 2 is  still very solid. We see Liu  building a sort rotating supporting cast for X-23 as her ongoing goes on. Her dialogue between the characters is great and it  has a nice flow to it. While normally seeing Hellion being used as a pincushion again so soon might be upsetting i actually laughed when i read it because that seems to be his role in the X-Verse. Conrad's pencils are great and Rauch i believe improved on the coloring this issue. Over all a nice 4.5 out of 5.

Posted by Alaric

I think Hellion's cannon fodder mode is pretty much his only role now. But its being done so much he's like the damn Kenny of the New X-men.
OMG You killed Hellion! You bastard!

Posted by Detektor

Yeah, help a psychologically traumatized 16-year-old girl with a healing factor by giving her your coat. While making a pass at her. And then running off. Great job, Gambit.

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