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A Nice Follow Up 0

When we last saw X-23 she was visiting a Mutant Half-Way house when she suddenly had a vision and then when she snapped out of it people were dead and the half way hose was on fire.   The issue starts with a nice little flash back scene between X-23 and Wolverine where he offers to legally adopt her as his daughter. We flash forward to the present where X-23 runs through the house and confronts the demon as well as helping a man escape from the blaze. We see Gambit helping X-23 out by giving her...

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X-23 Goes to Hell 0

Once again I could not give this a 5 out of 5 because of the art.  It is a personal thing but I do not think the style fits that well.  During dream/hell sequences the art style fits great but in reality it is too awkward for my liking. Other than the art I believe the writing and the story were great.  This was a continuance of the first X-23 solo issue.  The source of her dreams and apparent fear of Wolverine is revealed to be a demon.  The issue begins with a touching scene between Laura and ...

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How Not To Write An X-23 Series 0

There's a difference between series that contribute nothing to a character and those that actively hurt them. This is rapidly proving itself to be one of the latter. (I realize I may come across as somewhat pessimistic, but I'd welcome constructive criticism on my thought process here.) Plot summary: Flashback to X-23 sharing a bonding moment with Wolverine. All fine and dandy. Then we find out that the fire at the homeless shelter was just a random accident. In short, it was only added to the l...

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Can Laura be more than a killer? 0

After the mysterious fire at the halfway house, X-23 finds her back at Utopia with a not so normal Wolverine. Pros: X-23 reminds me of Cassandra Cain. Both characters are quiet, and trying to find a purpose for life. They were both breed and trained to be deadly warriors with the only differences is that Laura is still struggling whether or not that she's meant to be a killer and nothing more (And having more kills than Cass). The interaction with Laura and Wolverine in the flashback is a nice t...

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Laura is finally in Hell. 0

Issue 2 of the X-23 series.     The Story:We start with a flashback with Laura and Logan are spending time together at a carnival and Logan says that he would want to adopt Laura and be her real father but Laura says he already is.Back in the present Laura is in the burning building from the last issue and meets the Devil and he says that she is a perfect killer.She says one persona nd he says that she was the one that caused the fire and killed them all.And we also see that Remy might look afte...

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X-23 #2 0

        X-23's journey to self-discovery contiues here, and she is not alone. Readers are greeted to a great father/daughter moment from the past at a circus. Then we flash forward to the present where Laura is greetes by the demon that is haunting Wolverine. I found it interesting how Will Conrad's art is differnent from Renato Guedes's art from the Wolverine series. From there is some great stuff between Storm and X and it expands their mother/aunt relationship established in issue one. Ano...

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A killing machine? 0

It must be overwhelming to be somebody´s clone: never truly knowing what feeling or thought is real, never believing for sure that you can be different or even have a soul. And it´s with this destiny crest (or marked on fire), this path of the warrior and the shamed, that Marjorie Liu presents to us a new chapter in Laura´s life: she´s so linked with Wolverine that the Devil wants her to keep him company, that´s why he´s messing with her mind, making her see demons, blazes and other illusions. A...

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