duo_forbidden's X-23 #17 - Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1 review

Is she even getting paid for doing this?

Synopsis: Laura + Babysitting = Things don't go as planned.

What's Good?

Laura, babysitting? That's got to be a joke. How can you write a story with Laura babysitting, on top of that, babysitting Sue and Reed Richards of the Future Foundation's children?! What, Spider-Man and Ben were too busy?! But you know what? Marjorie Liu makes it work. Despite what all goes on in this issue, there's a hint of humor in this issue. After all, these are Sue and Reed's kids we're talking about, and they're not normal kids.

 Come on Laura, it's just a nuclear bomb

So, can you guess which kid makes the most trouble for Laura? It's actually Hellion. I'll never understand the relationship between Laura and Hellion. I'm not even a fan of this pairing, as I despise Hellion with a passion, and I can understand Logan and Gambit being protective over Laura in this issue. Okay, maybe I'm being a little too hard on him. It was actually Valeria who caused a giant dragon to spawn out of thin air. Seriously, why can't she just play with dolls like a normal girl?

Sana Takeda comes back as the artist (which may be her last with X-23 with this arc), and every time, I love her work with this series. Takeda does a fantastic job with the character designs even with Laura who rarely show emotions. The beat panels are so well done. Oh, and the dragon? Outstanding. The only downsize I have with her artwork in this issue is the eyes on characters at times.

What's Bad?

I can tell you that this issue may not be for everyone, especially for those who came off of the last few issues. The melodramatic Hellion isn't really needed for this story.


 Yeah, I could rant about X-23 being cancelled, but you know what? Screw it. I'm going to enjoy the last few issues whether they lead somewhere or not. The one thing that was lacking in this series was fun. Laura managed to have some fun as a teenager with Jubilee a while back and she can do it with Valeria, Franklin, and a huge dragon.

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