djotaku's X-23 #17 - Misadventures in Babysitting, Part 1 review

Why Are They Cancelling this book?!?

Marjorie Liu is a great writer. Sure, I was going to start collecting X-23 in trades, but that's just because I don't have infinite money and some books have to fall by the wayside, but I thought the book was selling so well. And this issue is a great example of Liu's great story-telling and how dynamic she is. Within this volume we've gone from X-23 the uncontrollable killer to X-23 the FF babysitter.

This is like the funny episode of a drama and it works sooooooo well! I love the way she writes Val and Franklin. And while Noto has great art, Takeda is amazing! I LOVE his art on this issue! In fact, I think he should do the art in FF because his Valeria actually looks her age.

Man, even if you don't care about X-23, get this issue because it's so great and there are only a few issues left in the entire series, so it's not like you're stuck in a long story arc. Come enjoy the awesome art and great story and humor.


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