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Make your heart smile read this issue 0

OK so I wasn't thrilled with Laura's last arc but it was still a great read. Laura's "misadventures" with the FF are a perfect place for her. This girl has been through a lot and even though the X-Men claimed to be her family it is still just a bunch of mutants living together (who obviously care about each other and welcome her but it's still not an actual family) and not a true family structure like the Reed clan. Laura got to see the real family experience, sort of, she got to see what it's l...

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Why Are They Cancelling this book?!? 0

Marjorie Liu is a great writer. Sure, I was going to start collecting X-23 in trades, but that's just because I don't have infinite money and some books have to fall by the wayside, but I thought the book was selling so well. And this issue is a great example of Liu's great story-telling and how dynamic she is. Within this volume we've gone from X-23 the uncontrollable killer to X-23 the FF babysitter.This is like the funny episode of a drama and it works sooooooo well! I love the way she writes...

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Is she even getting paid for doing this? 0

Synopsis: Laura + Babysitting = Things don't go as planned. What's Good? Laura, babysitting? That's got to be a joke. How can you write a story with Laura babysitting, on top of that, babysitting Sue and Reed Richards of the Future Foundation's children?! What, Spider-Man and Ben were too busy?! But you know what? Marjorie Liu makes it work. Despite what all goes on in this issue, there's a hint of humor in this issue. After all, these are Sue and Reed's kids we're talking about, and they're not...

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I would choose a telepath as a babysitter. 0

Review for X-23 #17.Story: Laura talks to Hellion and Susan asks her to babysit her kids and wackiness ensues.Thoughts: I cannot believe Marvel is considering cancelling this fun series. I believe this issue proves why this series is so great. We commence with Laura talking with a very angry Hellion because his life in the past couple of years has been completely horrible. He's just yelling at nothing and not facing any people in order to deal with his problems and he doesn't want to left alone ...

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