matkrenz's X-23 #15 - Chaos Theory, Part 3 review

In space noone can see Phil Noto's art.

Review for X-23 #15. 
The Story: Laura, Spidey and Sue are in space facing off with a horde of Whirldemons. Then they speak with the Uni-Power. They arrive back on Earth, Laura and the FF face off against an alien. 
The Good: I haven't commented about this but this is a fun series. Liu really knows how to craft stories with very good drama, simple but effective action and little bits of humour. With the Uni-Power, Liu uses it to show that Laura has come a long way from being an anti-social outcast to somebody more welcoming of others and how she chose's her action's in life and she will make a big choice in the future. The scene at the beginning with Sue being very confident in her power really shows that she can be one of the most powerful characters in the MU. In some ways Laura is like Batman from the JLI days, she is the ultimate straight man in terms of comedy, her response's to Spidey's quips were very funny. Phil Noto's art continues to be beautiful and he really has a knack with character expression's, they were pitch perfect, especilly on page 7 on the last panel. 
The Bad: The Demon King was not a very fearsome threat. 
The Verdict: This is another fun issue of the series that shows definition in the character but the villain is very bland. This is a buy.


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