peteparker's X-23 #14 - Chaos Theory, Part 2 review

Why Mr. Noto! What a pleasant surprise!

Okay X23, you've got me right where you want me now...

Posted by B'Town

Really fine review. This is a great book. :D

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    Don't test Laura! 0

    X-23 #14 Hey everybody! So this is my last review of comics for this week! So in this issue Laura is asked to stay with the FF for now, because they want to see what she knows about the earth quake and all that stuff. Meanwhile Reed is trying very hard to figure everything out and everyone is trying to keep Laura composed. Laura gets to meet everyone, some she's friendly with while others eh not so much. As she gets to meet everyone she has one of those attacks which causes an earth quake in the...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

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