matkrenz's X-23 #12 - Touching Darkness , Part 3 review

Ah man no Zombie Robot Gustave Eiffel.

Review of X-23 #12. 
The Story: Our band of heroes have to fight civilians being affected by the trigger scent. 
The Good: We do see much more of how Laura wants to become more human with her restraining herself against the civilians and how she got put of the trigger scent. I am wondering who the mysterious women is giving Laura clues and hopefully she will become some sort of rogue. The last scene with Laura and Jubilee on the Eiffel tower just showed how much they have became like sister's in a way. As always Takeda's art is beautiful and does show great detail of a wounded Laura and Gambit. 
The Bad: There was one guy talking in regular french (okay it felt stilted) but everybody else had the quotes on them. I just question this decision. Also wouldn't people notice 2 people jumping off the Eiffel tower ? 
THe Verdict: This issue continues nicely with the mystery of the woman and the trigger scent with a good fight scene and beautiful art. This is a buy.


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    Synopsis: So what happens when the trigger scent affects average citizens and turn them into mindless killing machines? The gang is about to find out. What's Good? So after Laura overcomes the scent trigger, she and the gang now have to deal with the people in the subway affected by it. Seeing the scent trigger affect regular people is like seeing a horde of zombies appear. It's a nice amount of action and suspense. There's also that mysterious woman that appeared in the Daken/X-23 crossover, wh...

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