marvelguy15's X-23 #1 - The Killing Dream, Part 1 review

X-23 #1 Review


Coming off the start of Second Coming Wolverine tells X that she has spent too much of her young life being told what to do, and being an adult. So now it's time for X-23 to be a kid. I will continue to say that I liked this book a lot more than her brother Dakens new book, but did not like either book as much as the first issue of the new Wolverine book. I really liike the dream sequence at the start here, although one problem I had was how I do not recall Laura being dramatized like this before. I really enjoyed Will Conrads art here and think it depicted her view on the world. I really liked X-23  & Storms whole conversation and interaction. This was very well written. There  was a lot of great guest-starring  moments and character bits featuring Surge, Hellion, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Rockslide, Box, Storm, and Wolverine. I really loved the character moments here,but it made this issue feel like a one-shot to me and not the start of a new series. I am intrigued by this issue and will probably pick up issue two, but I didnt feel there was quite enough story progression.

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