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X-23 #1 is is straight up X-tastic! Liu has a grasp of every character that appears in this book. Words cannot describe the awesomeness! The art is pretty good too; although for the majority of the book the artist gives X-23 blue eyes instead of green. Its the minor complaint on a great issue.


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    X-23 #1 0

    I am going to off the bat explain why I did not give this a five.  It's the art.  In some cases character look sickly and thin while others are just out of proportion.  The coloration was wonderful, but you can only do so much with the base that's given.  I loved the story telling.  Liu was not afraid to jump in and get the ball rolling.  This issues leaves me wanting more.  She tied in Kurt's death beautifully and how it's influencing Ororo.  There's even some progress with the relationship bet...

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