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A good look into x-23's character

For a clone of Wolverine, x-23 is very much different from logan. Aside from the obvious, male/female & 3claw/2claw comparisions,both Laura & Logan are very different in different ways. I found this one-shot reinforced those key differences that make X-23 such a good character.  
Until recently, a major part of Logan's character has been his lack of memories and how he found it difficult to define himself with no knowledge of his past. But Laura has all of her memories, almost all of them bad. This issue really shows Laura's insecurities, her comparison on her & Jubilee's relationships with Logan is really quite sad. Especially so when you see her reaction which while not physically lasting damage to X, it must be doing some major psychological damage. The same can be said to her reaction to Kiden & the gang, she seems totally taken aback that there are people who care about her and don't see her as a weapon. All throughout the book the recurring theme is Laura's inability to deal with emotions and how she deals with those who care about her. And with the very cool manga-esque subplot running through the book I found this book to be both profoundly sad but such a deep character book I enjoyed it immensely. Such a refreshing one-shot, if you're a fan of X-23 or just want to get to know the character better I'd definitely recommend it


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