oldmanjoe's X-23 #1 - Innocence Lost, Part 1 review

In the Beginning

This chapter of Innocence Lost shows the circumstances that led to the birth of X-23. It is an important chapter in X-23 story, with Laura’s mother telling the story through a letter that will bind the series together. It touches on a little bit of Wolverine’s past and how X-23 was cloned from him by an off shoot of the original Weapon X program. The art is pretty good, as is the dialoged, and the characterization of the people who were responsible for the creation of X-23. If you don’t know much about X-23, then I highly recommend starting with X-23 Innocence Lost and working from there. This is a character with a short history in the Marvel Universe and it is still very feasible to read her entire history without breaking the bank. Hope that you enjoy her story as much as I do.


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