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The fight between Sorata and Yuto begins. They introduce themselves: Sorata Arisugawa, a high school student and Yuto Kigai, a city hall official. Sorata uses his electrical power whereas Yuto counters with a weapon (a kind of whip with a saï at each extremity). The fight is a succession of attacks, jokes and compliments until the arrival of Fuma. Sorata and Yuto are astonished because no one could enter a kekkai except those who are concerned by the "jour de la promesse". Fuma, upset, thinks that Sorata and Yuto are responsible of Kamui's injuries. They decide to stop their fight and Sorata cancels his kekkai. There is no destruction. The kekkai is perfect. Yuto left to go at the Yamanote line whereas Sorata tries to introduce himself to Fuma as a friend of Kamui. He also tries to explain everything about the end of the world.

Kamui is still sleeping. In his dream, he meets Hinoto who communicates with him by telepathy. First, she shows him his past: how he was happy with his mother and the Monos, how he discovers Saya dismembered for him and his mother and how his mother died. Finally she shows him a vision where Kotori was savagely dismembered. Kamui interrogates Hinoto why she showed him that. She explains it a memory of his past and a memory of a possible future. Kamui argues not to threaten Fuma and Kotori; then he hurts Hinoto and achieves this dream. Hien and Sohi, rush towards a wounded Hinoto.

Another person saw this dream. It is Kanoe, Hinoto's younger sister. Now she knows a weakness of Kamui. Kanoe receives a call from Yuto who apologizes to be late and explains he fought one Dragon of Heaven. He tells also the fight finished by a draw due to the penetration of a perfect kekkai by a student. Kanoe understands one of her sister's visions about the end of the world. Happy, she goes to talk to Satsuki Yatoji, one Dragon of Earth. Satsuki is connected to Beast, a huge computer. She confirms that is the real Kamui. Kanoe must let Satsuki because she has her job of secretary to do above there. Indeed they are under the city hall.

Kamui wakes up under the eyes of Kotori who just felt an earthquake. At the same moment, Fuma and Sorata arrive. Kotori is confused and Sorata does not help her. During the dinner, Sorata wants to talk to Kamui in privacy. Fuma and Kotori accept and let them alone. Sorata tells Kamui that he tried to contact him earlier, but he was attacked by Daisuke and Arashi before. Kamui loses his temper and asks Sorata if he is with them. Sorata explains he is a monk from Koya mount and was sent by the hoshimi of his Shrine. Indeed he called Sorata by the intermediary of a goho. The hoshimi said that Kamui would return to Tokyo.

At the same moment, a storm starts above the Togakushi Shrine. Kyogo is here and remembers how the sacred sword is responsible of the death of his wife. In another place, Fuma and Kotori have a conversation about Kamui. Kotori is wondering about Kamui departure six years ago. Fuma remembers the discovery of his mother's corpse and how he tried to convince his sister that their mother died through illness.

Sorata tells Kamui that he knows Kamui lost a parent recently. Kamui, upset, attacks Sorata. But Sorata succeeds to calm down Kamui explaining that it was the hoshimi who told him about his mother. Kyogo, during this time, feels the introduction of an intruder inside his Shrine. A fight begins between the young intruder and Kyogo. Even if Kyogo fights with the sacred sword, the ribbon of the intruder is superior. Kamui and Fuma receive the call of the sword and go to the Shrine. But it was too late, the intruder kills Kyogo. He steals the sword, introduces himself as Nataku, who belongs to the seven angels and runs away. Fuma rushes towards his father. It is too late, Kyogo tries to reveal the secret about the link between his son and Kamui, but he dies before that.

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