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Nokoru, Akira, Suo and the seven seals arrive at a fountain in the center of Clamp School. Nokoru asks Kamui to put his hand on the symbol of the school. Kamui does it and a secret passage is opened. They go in. At the approach of the zone of seal, the other sacred sword liberates itself and asks Nataku to bring it back to Kamui. Nokoru explains that Clamp School was built star-shaped in order to seal the sacred sword. He tells him also that Kamui must seal his sacred sword in order to seal the other sacred sword. Kamui remembers what Subaru said and then accepts to seal his sacred sword. Whereas Kamui seals it, Nataku steals the other one to bring it to Fuma.

Kanoe has another conversation with her sister. She scoffs at Hinoto saying that the second Kamui is awake and there is only one future. Beast detects the arrival of Fuma and Kakyo. Beast confirms it is Kamui. Kanoe welcomes Fuma as Kamui.

Whereas the dragons of Earth bring together, Kamui decides to see Hinoto in order to have some answers. Hinoto has a conversation with Kakyo. He reveals he knows that Hinoto brought together the dragon of Heaven in order to modify the future for her own interest. He shows him the last vision of Kotori. Fuma introduces himself and Kakyo to others. Satsuki informs that the last three angels come there with the sacred sword.

Hien, Sohi and Daisuke are worried about their mistress’s health when Kamui arrives. Hinoto brings him to a dream. Kamui asks her why his mother is dead. Hinoto shows the past. Toru requires Saya to leave Togakushi Shrine in order to save her life. Saya refuses saying she is ready to die for Toru. Kyogo, his husband, reveals he knows that Saya doesn’t love him, but she loves Toru. Kyogo accepts to protect the sacred sword for Kamui. Fuma is present. He dares at his mother’s head and leaks her blood. In present time, Hinoto reveals that Kotori’s destiny was foreordained: she would be dead even if Kamui chooses to be an angel. Hinoto reveals also that Toru was the kagenie of the Earth. Her death is due to global warming. It is at this moment that Kakyo appears. He shows him the two possible futures: the rebirth of the Earth in case of the victory of the Dragons of Earth or the death of the Earth due to global warming in case of the victory of the Dragons of Heaven. Kamui wakes up, but he still wish to bring back Fuma.

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