Favorite Death in 100 Bullets?

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If you've read 100 Bullets you should know by now within those 100 issues of glorious storytelling, there are countless deaths, some by random unimportant characters and some by characters you grew to love over the course of the series. So, who's untimely end is closest to your heart?
For myself I'd have to say it had to be Wylie...I mean Remi Rome did gain some redemption in my eyes with his death and well heck I'm not going to list them but a ton of great character's passed throughout the series. (The finale was amazing!) But yes, Wylie's death was probably the most heartbreaking of them all for me...
But before I start tearing up, mind sharing any of your favorites?

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Wylie's death was very sad but at the same time, incredibly well written.   Rose's death had a strong effect as well. 
I absolutely love the related covers for the 11th trade and issue 79. 




I especially like the rose growing from Wylie's wound that turns into the smoke from Remi's gun.  Kinda spoils the issue but still a great cover. 
Pretty much all the other Minutemen's deaths were somewhat disappointing.  Jack's because I didn't believe it.  No fight, not even between people as powerful as Jack and Crete should have taken them halfway across the grounds.  It would have been fine if he had killed Crete and then bleed out or if they started right next to the crocs but I just didn't buy that those guys needed that much space to beat on each other and were paying that little attention to end up where they did.  Then Dizzy died because she decided to chill next to a room she knew was full of gasoline and a dude with a lighter and a dark sense of humor.  Graves died because Dizzy bought into the rules of an organization she had joined the day before that was all but gone.  Sure, it was poetic but it could have been better and I think it kinda deserved better considering the awesomeness that was the previous 99 issues.
Mr. Hughes' death was meaningful.  Milo's was powerful.  Branch's was sad.  Medici's was epic.  Echo's brought a big ole smile to my face because I hate that bitch.

I'm glad that Loop and Vic made it out.  After Wylie and maybe Cole, they're my favorite characters.  I think the last time we see him probably see Loop is one of the characters' two defining moments and I'm glad we got that instead of another corpse. 


This being the other.

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Remi Rome's is easily the best death. Dude accidently killed his brother just because he wanted to commit suicide because he lost his hands. Classic.

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The poor trumpet player's mercy-killing was very sad. 8 (

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