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Charlie Wylde was the former bodyguard of Technocrat; Wylde was in Markovia with Geoffrey, Technocrat, on a business trip when they were attacked by a vicious bear, Charlie and the bear were both killed in the fray. Faust happened to be nearby and offered to bring Charlie back to life. Techno accepted and the bear and Charlie was merged together to bring about Wylde. Wylde has a hard time controlling the beast inside him and it Technocrat feels guilty for this.


Wylde was created by Mike W. Barr in Outsiders #1

Character Evolution

Wylde has a hard time coping with the Feral tendencies he has. When injured, he can't control his actions out of rage, but afterwards he beats himself up over it. He eventually becomes full bear.

Major Story Arcs

The Outsiders

Wylde's appearance while on the Outsiders

They join up with the Outsiders against Roderick and his army of Vampires. They continue with this team and are framed for Murder. The team consisted of Geo-Force, Katana, Halo, Looker, Technocrat, Faust and himself. They followed Roderick to Abyssia and defeated him there and cleared there name of the charges. It eventually gained a new member in the Eradicator. They team eventually split into 2 seperate teams, but came back together when Felix Faust attacked them. They eventually defeated him, but Wylde was transformed into a full bear during the chaos; fully animal he was left in an European zoo.

Powers and Abilities

Wylde has Super Strength, Senses, claws, and is extremely tough and fearless in battle.

He has a hard time controlling the beast inside him and sometimes doesn't have control over what he does when injured.

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