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Current Events

After having her two personalities combined together Shiro, feeling that she is beyond saving, asks Ganta, her current love interests, to kill her; to which he complies. Now the two are locked in a fight to the death.


Shiro, a.k.a The Wretched Egg was adopted by Sorae Igarashi, for the purpose of replacing Sorae's new born son, Ganta, to be a human experiment. After years of physiologic, and physical experimentation Shiro devloped a power called ''Branch of Sin''.

As her powers developed her personality slowly broke into two parts, and soon she caused the Great Tokyo Earthquake, and became the spreader of the Deadman Virus, that gives other humans Branches of Sin.


After over a decade of psychological torture Shiro has developed a split personality. The two personalities are as so:

Left:Shiro Right:The Wretched Egg

Shiro - Shiro is a kind, playful, childlike girl who sometimes acts a bit too childish.

The Wretched Egg - The Wretched Egg is a suicidal, blood lusted monster who wants nothing more than death, destruction and to die by Ganta's hands.


Shiro, being an albino has pale skin, pure white hair (that including eyelashes and eyebrows),and large red eyes. She has a rather slender and somewhat tall body, the body, itself is filled with scars, and stitches from her time as a human experiment.

While in ''Shiro Mode'' she wears a skintight jumpsuit with several spirals on it and a small neck brace . When she is The Wretched Egg, Shiro wears the same clothes, only with the additon of armor based off her favorite hero Aceman.

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