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Melanie Moore was a 16 year old teenager. She lived what she considered to be the normal life of a teenager. She struggled with things like being popular. Her mother had passed away and she lived with her father and her brother. Her brother’s name was Brian. Her father was a professor. Melanie felt the pressure any family might feel without a mother. She felt like she had to take care of her father because his doctor had told him to watch his diet and control his cholesterol. She would get up early in the morning to fix him breakfast so he would eat healthy food, instead of eating junk food for breakfast. She would pack him lunch and tell him when he left the house to go to work for him to eat something healthy for dinner. She loved her father and he loved her, but showing affection was something they rarely did. She had a normal brother-sister relationship with Brian.

Melanie was quiet and shy at school. She was also not very athletic. Once during P.E. she tried to play volleyball but she messed up. The coach told her how to hold her hands and arms and to try again. The ball was hit toward her and when she tried to hit the ball back it struck her right in the face. Her nose began to bleed. As I said she was not athletic at all. She was neither strong nor agile.

Her goal at school was to just get through the day without being picked on. She even said she felt like she was invisible because the other popular teens did not even talk to her.

When some of the other teens that were even less popular than she was were being picked on she wanted to help them. She wanted to, but would not because she was scared to. She felt guilty because she wanted to help, but could not make herself.

One reason she did not want to get involved in other peoples’ problems was because of her mother. Remember her mother had passed away, and her death was related to her career as a social worker. Melanie would go to the cemetery and sit by her mother’s grave and talk to her. On this particular night when she visited her mother’s grave she was in no hurry to go home. She had homework to do and as she slowly walked back to her car she had no idea her life was about to change forever. A change she did not choose nor want, but it was not her choice to make.

She thought she was alone but she was not. Behind her was a figure she did not know. The figure behind her was the one with the power of Wraithborn.

The powerful person with the power of Wraithborn grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. For the person had been in a fight with a demonic creature and was bleeding and injured, and was severely wounded. He did not seek her out or pick her. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The person with the power Wraithborn was dieing and he needed to pass the Wraithborn to someone else, before he died. He needed to make sure the power would not fall into the wrong hands. He apologized to her for what he was about to do, then he pulled out his weapon and slit his own throat. Then the person died. With this action the Wraithborn passed to her. She was left, passed out on the ground and the power was now passed to her.

The next day when she awoke she thought it all was just a dream, but she was wrong. Now she had the power and awesome responsibility of the Wraithborn. Now her life was turned upside down, she now did not have her former life. She had a whole different set of problems to deal with now.

What Melanie was going to discover was that centuries before she was born there were immortals, spirits, demons, and Gods that lived and ruled over the earth. People worshiped them, but humans were considered insignificant to them. People had no way to fight against them until they discovered a power that could be used against them. That is the same power she now has within her. People used that power to defeat the immortals, but the immortals could not be killed, completely. Now they still exist on the earth, walking among the humans. But they cannot affect the material world unless they are allowed by someone to possess their body. When that happens they always come after the Wraithborn. So the immortals on the earth are in a struggle to retrieve Wraithborn. Melanie does not understand why they always come after her, but she knows when they do she has to either stop them or they will stop her. She will do whatever she has to do in order to stop them because that is what Wraithborn is on earth to do.

The immortals are not the only ones after Wraithborn. Other humans are also looking for it. They want its power and will do whatever they have to in order to get it.

Melanie still did not understand fully what had happened to her. She had a friend named Zoe who was psychic. Zoe said the sight runs in my family. Once at school a Loa or voodoo spirit was trying to find the Wraithborn and it found Melanie. No one else around could see it except Melanie and Zoe. Zoe told Melanie it was just a ghost that could not harm anyone. After this Melanie went to the school library to read up on spirits, and voodoo and things like that. What she was about to encounter would convince he completely that the things she had seen were real, very real.

When she left the library Melanie was attacked by vicious dog like creatures. All she could was run from them, but they were going to catch up to her. It would only take a few seconds and they would catch her. She screamed for someone to help her. What she did not know was there was a figure watching her from the shadows that had the power to save her. This man came to her rescue and fought off the hounds and killed them. Melanie got some information from the man while he was fighting the hounds. He told her the creatures were the hounds of Brijit. Then the stranger asked Melanie where the Wraithborn was. Melanie did not know what he was talking about.

Melanie went home and told her father about what had happened. Her father convinced her that she was probably just attacked by a pack of wild dogs. It was the only explanation her father thought was believable.

Now Melanie was really confused. Was this real, or not. She talked with her friend Zoe again and asked her if she knew anything about the Wraithborn. Zoe said she did not, but when Melanie asked her about the hounds of Brijit Zoe surprised Melanie with her answer. Zoe knew all about the hounds of Brijit, and about Brijit. Zoe explained that Brijit was a very powerful voodoo Goddess. Brijit always has her hounds with her, Zoe explained to Melanie. Zoe asked Melanie if she wanted to go to her Grandmother’s store to look in a book that had information about Brijit. Of course Melanie wanted to go and look at the book.

The book explained that Brijit was the Goddess of cemeteries, the mistress of black magic. She has power over life and death, and can raise the dead. She can turn them into mindless zombies that follow her commands. Brijit, like the other immortals could possess the body of a human if they were foolish enough to allow it.

Brijit had indeed taken possession of a mortal. She was able to use a small portion of her magic and she intended to take possession of the Wraithborn. She needed to create a new champion to go after the Wraithborn. The last person that had the Wraithborn had killed her former champion. Brijit sent out two girls who were under her influence to find a new champion. They found a willing human male, who did not know what he was getting himself into. They brought him back to Brijit and she destroyed his mind and transformed him into her new champion. Then she sent her new champion after the Wraithborn.

Zoe’s grandmother wanted to do a reading on Melanie to see what she could find out. So Melanie went back home to get all the clothing she had on when she was given the Wraithborn.

On her way back she ran into the man with the sword that had protected her before. Melanie talked with him and he told her his name was Valin. He explained to her he was one of the good guys, and that he was the one that had been trained to take Wraithborn. In fact he was going to meet the former Wraithborn so it could be passed over to him but fate intervened. Then the champion of Brijit found them. Valin fought him and tried to defeat him but he was very powerful. Valin thought he had killed the champion but no, the champion came after them again. They fought and Valin was defeated and seriously injured. Then the champion came after Melanie but she was able to defend herself with a power blast. She did not know what or how she had done that; and in fact she had not it was the Wraithborn.

As Melanie tried to help the injured Valin she was taken by one of Brijit’s creatures. Zoe saw what happened and told her Grandmother. Zoe and her Grandmother did the reading and were able to see what happened to Melanie the night she became Wraithborn.

The creature carried Melanie back to the place where Brijit was. Brigit was determined to take control of the Wraithborn. Melanie was willing to give the Wraithborn to her. She did not realize the only way for that to happen was for her to die. Even though Valin was still not recovered from his wounds he tracked Melanie and came to rescue her. Brijit sent some of her subjects to battle Valin and keep him from saving Melanie.

Kiara, another individual that wanted the Wraithborn showed up at this time. She was an ally of Valin. She helped Valin fight his way to Melanie. He gave her a blade and told her to get out of there. Then Brijit began to focus her attention to Valin. She began to fight him and he was about to be killed. Then Melanie was faced with a decision. Would she be the coward she had always been and run, or would she help the man that had already saved her life several times. Melanie decided to help Valin. She surprised Brijit by attacking her with the blade given to her by Valin. This attack stopped Brijit for enough time for Kiara to kill the host.

When the battle was over Melanie thought she had two friends that would help her. She did not know that Kiara wanted the Wraithborn and would do whatever she had to in order to get it.

After this Melanie accepted her fate of Wraithborn. She would do her duty, and do what was necessary to stop the immortals. Because that is what she does, for she is Wraithborn.

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