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A cross between the iratus bug and humans, they have incredible strength and regenerative abilities. They became a scourge to the Pegasus galaxy, even defeating the Ancients in a century long war. Despite their technology being slightly less advanced than the Ancients, their superior numbers eventually won the war for them. It was later discovered that they grew to such high numbers with a top secret cloning facility which needed to be powered by ZPMs. Their ships include darts, which are single manned ships like jets. Cruisers, which are a smaller version of their Hive ships, and Hive ships which are their main ships. Hives are huge ships usually around 2.5 km in length and can hold tens of thousands of Wraith at a time.  The Wraith are basically immortal, in the fact that as long as they feed enough, they will never die of natural causes(old age).
They practice a ritual known as Wraithfall, in which wraith worshippers offer the wraith human lifes in exchange of sparing their existence.Known races that practice this are the Karrans.

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