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A goatish demon encourages young David to snoop in his fathers office. He finds his fathers porn collection. The demon encourages him to think about what he saw. This leads him to masturbation and sex play with a girl, but she soon wants nothing to do with him. David is sad and the demon puts into his mind that he is really a girl in a boys body and that that is why she didn't like him.

The demon influences his father to yell at him and call him a sissy for playing with dolls. The text also implies that homosexuals are created by the devil.

His mother discovers him putting on eye makeup and takes him to a psychiatrist, who tells her that her son is homosexual and that she must accept him that way. This provokes a family fight.

He tries dating girls, but his conditioning is too strong. David is tormented by being gay.

At 17 David is free to experience gay life to its fullest, which means going to a bathhouse and taking drugs. David soon becomes a stereotypical promiscuous gay.

His friends talk at a gay bar about the rising number of gays with STDs. One mentions "cancer", but a footnote reveals that he really means AIDS,

David finds a man hr wants to live with, Brian. 9 months later David has found out that Brian has been out cruising. He leaves, now even more tormented, and returns to a world of one night stands.

Walking on a street one night, he sees a mob of gay-bashers beating up a person whose cries for help sound like Brian. The demon prompts him to help, but he can't. The demon calls him a coward.

The next day, he reads a newspaper story about a beaten and mutilated body being found in a vacant lot and assumes that it is Brian.

Six years later, he is facing the fact that he is getting older and that "nobody wants an old queen." The demon assures him that things will get better. Text notes that he is still unsatisfied and insecure.

A preacher approaches him at a gay bar. Despite the demon's warnings, he listens to the man. The man assures him that one cannot be gay and be a Christian(!). David is convinced by the mans arguments and wants him to meet a friend of his, Kenny, who is suicidal.

Kenny has a demon of his own, a winged, swinish one. He urges Kenny on to commit suicide, The arrive just in time and two hours later that are saved. The two demons flee. The end.







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