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     When the experiment on Wade Wilson had presumably failed, he was moved to Dr. Killebrew's facility, the Workshop. While kept there, Wade met and befriended an inmate known as Worm. Wade began rebelling against the guards and in retaliation, Ajax took Worm and used him as an attempt to be used as leverage towards Wade. Worm urged Wade not submit to them, saying that Wade was someone the inmates looked up to. With that, Ajax activated a machine that lobotomized Worm. Not being able to see his friend live like this, Wade snapped Worm's neck, killing him out of mercy. 
      As the rules at the facility stated that an inmate could only be killed if an inmate killed another, Wade was about to die until his healing factor finally activated. Wade, along with the other inmates, broke out and Wade went on to become the mercenary Deadpool
Powers and Abilities 
Due to his cybernetic implants, Worm was able to download and catalogue various forms of information, although the implants were Argentinian parts and prone to glitches.    

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