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The Worlogog (from the language of the New Gods), is a time-spanning engine that could be used to bend time and space. Also called the Hourglass of the Gods, it is an exact working model of the entire space-time continuum in miniature, and maps everything from the Big Bang to the Omega Point. Metron says that the Worlogog is a fraction of the Source, and that its native home is Earth, which will be the cradle for the Fifth World.

Luthor and the Philosopher's Stone
The Worlogog, encased in crystal and called the Philosopher’s Stone on Earth, was lost on earth for four thousand years. In the 20th century, the Philosopher’s Stone was unearthed in Colombia. A Colombian warlord was using it as a paperweight until a Lexcorp acquisitions team discovered it and “liberated” it from its current owner. The team delivered the Philosopher’s Stone to Lex Luthor.
Luthor began to discern the true nature of the Worlogog within the Philosopher’s Stone. In his bid to defeat the Justice League, Luthor and his Injustice League used the Philosopher’s Stone to create various threats to keep the Justice League strategically divided. Luthor used the Philosopher’s Stone to create a fake Metron, which sent Aquaman, Flash, and Green Lantern bouncing through the centuries. While bouncing around, Green Lantern met the Hourman of the 853rd century, who told him the Philosopher’s Stone was being used in the 20th century, and that it could bend time and space. When the three time-displaced Leaguers returned to the 20th century, they joined the rest of the League in taking the Philosopher’s Stone from first Luthor, and then the Joker. The League gave the Worlogog to the real Metron, taking it from Earth.
Hourman and the Worlogog
Metron used the Worlogog to navigate through the timestream with ease over the millennia. Finally, though, in the 853rd century, Metron began grooming his replacement. He had chosen the android Hourman, a member of that century’s Justice Legion Alpha. When Metron felt Hourman was ready, Hourman was given the Worlogog to use it to repair a coming breach in the timestream.
The Superman of the 853rd century approached Hourman to prepare for deep time travel. With the Prime Superman, our Superman, returning, he wanted the 20th century Justice League to be on hand for the return. Hourman used the Worlogog to bring the Justice Legion Alpha back to the 20th century, and used it again to bring the 20th century Justice League into the 853rd century. However, soon after, both the 20th century and 853rd century JLAs were ambushed by their foes Solaris and Vandal Savage. Solaris had, unknown to Hourman, infected him with the Hourman Virus, which was let loose upon 20th century Earth. Both JLAs defeated the threat, and removed the virus from Earth. However, Hourman felt guilty about his part in the matter. Hourman used the Worlogog to return the Justice Legion to the 853 century, but he stayed behind with the Worlogog. While Metron taught him everything about time and space, Metron did not teach him anything about having a soul.
Hourman remained in the 20th century, but was worried about the powers inherent in the Worlogog. To that end, he scattered the Worlogog amongst the countless eons.
Later, at Metron’s behest, Hourman tried to recreate the Worlogog. He was only moderately successful, however. Hourman gave this incomplete Worlogog to Metron, who wanted to try to complete it.  At one point, the evil Extant had tried to retrieve the pieces of the Worlogog, but was stopped by Hourman, Metron, and the Justice Society of America. After that, Metron had succeeded in recreating the true Worlogog. However, he no longer trusted Hourman with it. Metron kept the Worlogog, and it remains in his possession to this day.

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