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On paper, they were an odd pairing: Superman was an alien powerhouse, optimistic by nature, and able to lift mountains with his bare hands, while Batman was a mere mortal, a well - honed human machine with a dark demeanor and a matching outlook on life. The idea of these two icons teaming together made sense in the fledgling days of comics, but writer Dave Gibbons and artist Steve Rude presented a 3 issue mini series in DC's prestige format that proved the World's Finest team of Superman and Batman was still relevant in the cynical modern era of the 1990s.

Set around Midway orphanage, located between Gotham City and Metropolis, Gibbons and Rude gave the heroes a common ground while embracing their differences. Its most memorable scenes contrasted Superman's bright, hopeful world with the dark, shadowy life of Batman.

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