jake_fury's Worlds' Finest: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 #1 - Volume 1 review

Girl Power Is Back!

The Story:

Volume One of the new World's Finest series chronicles the adventures of Power Girl and the Huntress of Earth 2. Stranded on Earth 1, the former Super Girl and Robin have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the new 52.

This graphic novel captures issues 0-5 of the new series. The 2 best friends try to adjust to a world that is much like the one they call home but also vastly different in many aspects. Committed to returning home, the duo travels the world compiling information as well as technology that will help them achieve their goal. The duo relies heavily on the lessons they've learned from their respective family members Superman and Batman.

The Good:

Karen and Helena go together like peanut butter and jelly. The dynamic between the two is written very well. The two are also clearly influenced and carry on the tradition of Superman and Batman. Helena in particular is written very well and comes off sounding like someone whose father is Bruce Wayne. The zero issue did a fabulous job of establishing the friendship between the two. Karen is also written particularly well. She is highly intelligent and portrayed as a very strong, independent young woman. George Perez does a great job with the art in the present day scenes and Kevin Maguire does just a good a job with the flashback scenes and the entire zero issue.

The Bad:

The story starts out rather slow but that is a very minor complaint. Levitz packs in quite a bit of the duo's history to establish the two on their new Earth. The villain of the first arc is a bit cheesy but reminds me of some of Superman's classic villains in the same mold. Again, these are very minor complaints and don't take away much from this fun opening salvo.



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