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...And So My World Begins! (Superman and Martian Manhunter, Hawkman (flashback) / written by Deny O'Neil)

Superman encounters a disappearing, alien building, and encounters J'onn J'onzz. The building transports them to the planet Vonn, where Superman's powers are greatly decreased. The Martian people have been enslaved by another race, the Thythen. Superman and the Manhunter from Mars team up to defeat the Thythen and free the Martians. J'onn's companion Bel Juz attempts to lead them into a trap, but Superman catches on and the Martians are freed. He is about to find J'onn and tell him of Bel Juz's treachery, but a Tythen soldier attacks him. Without superpowers, Superman retreats to the alien building and the Tythen follows. Transported back to Earth, Superman easily defeats the Tythen and in doing so accidentally smashes the building, preventing a return trip to Vonn.

Back Up Stories

  1. The Outland Pirates (Grim Ghost (renamed from the Gay Ghost) / written by Gardner Fox : reprinted from: Sensation Comics #8)
  2. Underworld Jam Session! (Air Wave : reprinted from: Detective Comics #88)







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