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This "DC Giant G-76" reprints the best battles between the biggies Batman and Superman!

  1. The Capture of Superman (Superman, Batman and Robin, green Kryptonite / written by Jerry Coleman : reprinted from: World's Finest Comics #122)

Batman and Robin have to capture Superman because of crimes he committed on another planet. Or did he?

  1. The Feud Between Batman and Superman! (Superman and Jimmy Olsen, Batman and Robin, Nightwing, Flamebird, Ace the Bat-Hound / written by Jerry Coleman : reprinted from: World's Finest Comics #143)

Batman challenges Superman to a duel after he was tricked into into believing there was a real threat in Kandor (Batman just got shot and didn't think he was a good crime fighter, so Superman wanted to boost his ego). But what happens when there is a real situation?

  1. Prison for Heroes! (Superman, Batman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Red Sun World / written by Edmond Hamilton : reprinted from: World's Finest Comics #145)

On an alien planet, Batman is hypnotized into being an unjust prison warden, and tricks Superman into being a prisoner. Also the aliens use a red sun filter to take away Superman's powers!

  1. The Unmasked Archers! (Green Arrow, Speedy / written by Ed Herron and Jack Kirby : reprinted from: World's Finest Comics #98)

Green Arrow and Speedy wake up to find that their secret identity is revealed in the morning newspaper!

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