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  1. The Ghost of Batman (Superman, Batman and Robin vs Sphinx Gang / written by Dave Wood)

"Batman is dead! And it's all because of you, Superman!"

While Superman is disguised as Batman, it seems like the Sphinx Gang assassinates him! How can they reveal that Batman is actually alive without giving away his identity?

  1. Special Christmas Quiz - Christmas in Many Lands! (public service message / written by Jack Schiff)

  2. Ollie (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  3. The Amazing Money Bombs (full text story)

  4. The Doom Hunters (Aquaman, Aqualad / written by Jack Miller : reprinted in: Teen Titans (1966 series) #35). Aquaman gets involved with the Daredevil’s Club  , when member Tom Blake barely escapes an assassination attempt. Investigation reveals the man who orchestrated it, Wally Welky  . Wally was the president of the club and cousin to Blake. They were both candidates for a great inheritance and Welky wanted to eliminate the competition. (Tom Blake happens to also be the civilian identity of Catman).







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