etragedy's World's Finest Comics #68 review

Great sci-fi disaster story starring Superman

Although this issue of World's Finest features one of the silliest covers of all time (Batman, Robin and Superman all fleeing from a skunk), it also features one of the greatest Superman stories of the 1950s - The Menace From the Stars.
Much like a modern disaster film, a giant asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Superman stops it from hitting the Earth, but knocks it into Earth orbit, wreaking havoc with the weather. Worse, the asteroid was partially composed of Kryptonite which causes Superman to plummet to Earth with amnesia.
While many of the stories of the era feature laughable science, beyond the natural violations of the laws of physics one needs to suspend disbelief over to enjoy any superhero comic, this one actually features some fairly plausible science, the asteroid, astronomical tools and weather disruptions caused by a massive object in Earth orbit are all correct. Of course there's also more limitless superpowers and incredible coincidences here - but hey, one can at least be thankful for a sci-fi story that gave some thought to the "sci". 
Unfortunately, like so many creators in the early decades of comics, the writer of this classic story remains unknown. Perhaps one day their identity will be revealed and the long case of amnesia will be over. Until then, enjoy what they've left behind!


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