the_mighty_monarch's Worlds' Finest #9 - Raid review

No Future, No Hope

What is the deal with the art team on this series? Ever since the first arc ended, there's been absolutely no rhyme or reason to the various changes, as artists come and go with approximately three different artists per issues. The only consistent art contributor has been George Perez, who always delivers a pretty stale and stiff style that I'm just not a fan of, this issue feels like he got lazy, as his entire potion looks messy in addition to everything else. Even CAFU's portion looks sub-par for what I've come to expect from him, and half of Yildiray Cinar's work looks pretty ugly as well. My main question though, is WHY? WHY does this series have to sling different artists at us left and right? Why does each issue need THREE artists, and what's the criteria for determining when they switch off?

This issue mirrors the previous one in tone, creating a weird rut and justifying my initial concerns about having an ongoing series starring Power Girl and Huntress as a duo. The series constantly has to balance between contriving excuses to put the two together, and trying to tell tales with the two of them separate. Last issue began with Huntress getting attacked, had a Huntress flashback in the middle, and ended with Power Girl saving the day. The setup may be a bit different, but this issue plays out almost exactly the same way. Huntress is recuperating when there's an attack, then suddenly a flashback with questionable connections to the main events, and then Power Girl comes in and the main difference is that she doesn't save the day with no effort and make Huntress look useless. But overall this is just going through the exact same motions without any discernible direction. Every issue is just 'Huntress stops regular bad people' or 'Hey look! Something related to Earth 2!' Granted, the end of the issue has the most interesting Earth 2 connection thus far, but I have no faith that it'll really go anywhere based on this series' track record. Everything tends to just get left hanging in the most awkward places.

In Conclusion: 2/5

This wasn't as utterly atrocious as last issue, but it was still just so damn boring. The action was all really stiff, and the plot is stagnating as it constantly runs along in unfinished circles. There's no sense of proper pacing or smart balance between the characters. I know Paul Levitz can write well so what the hell!? This series reads like a middle schooler's first attempt at writing a duo, really lazy and basic pacing to attempt to use both characters equally each issue. And the ridiculously erratic artist schedule certainly isn't helping things.


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