pspin's Worlds' Finest #9 - Raid review

Worlds’ Finest #9 Review

Worlds’ Finest #9 Review


Starr Labs gets robbed and a wounded Huntress tries to stop them.

The Good:

The story here was pretty good. There was a flashback to when the pair first arrived and Huntress tried to get a costume. The scene was short but conveyed what happened in a manner that fit both characters well. The rest of the issue was pretty good as well. It was a fun little episode that was able to have a bit of fun and be serious as well.

Paul Levitz does a great job writing Huntress and a good job with Power Girl and the robbers as well. The issue seemed a bit better than most of the others simply form the fact that it is actually going somewhere instead of basically spinning its wheels.

The art was pretty good. I have no idea why there are consistently three artists and inkers on every issue; it creates a little bit of unnecessary chaos for the eyes. That being said I really liked Yildiray Cinar’s pages and Cafu’s was pretty good too.

The Bad:

While it is gaining some traction, the series still feels like it isn’t going anywhere. This issue, however, does give hope that something will happen and it can get going.

Despite writing the two main characters pretty well, the unnamed characters, like the sales woman in the flashback, have noticeably lower quality dialogue. It is harder to follow and seems much choppier than the rest of it. This was the biggest problem with the issue.

George Perez’s art is not my favorite.


The series seems to be gaining some traction and delivers a fun and interesting issue. While this may not be the best comic this week, relatively, it is one of the better issues of the series. Levitz seems to be getting a better handle on the characters, now it needs some consistent art and it will improve quite a bit.

3 out of 5

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