pspin's Worlds' Finest #8 - Hunt and Be Hunted review

Worlds’ Finest #8 Review

Worlds’ Finest #8 Review


A price is put out on Huntress’s head and Power Girl has a problem with that.

The Good:

The story is a step up from the rest of the series. The dialogue is good, the story has action and a serious tone, and the art is pretty good. While not without its flaws, the story here is consistent in its pace and characterization, which is something that this series desperately needs; the pace is fairly fast, moving quickly form place to place but it is never difficult to follow what is happening on the page. The characterizations, mostly Power Girl’s, are consistent with the rest of the series. Power Girl here shows off the more selfish and arrogant attitude she has sort of kind of been displaying for the last several issues; while it is not the traditional view of the character, it leaves room for growth and is at least consistent.

Paul Levitz does a good job with the issue. It is better than the previous arc with Damian and is arguably the best in the series so far.

The art by Cafu and Cliff Richards is great and George Perez is alright. The colors by Hi-fi and Rosemary Cheetham are great as well.

The Bad:

First of all there are three artists here and while it is not a major distraction, it is annoying. One of these three people should have enough time to do the entire issue right? At the very least, cut one of them, my personal suggestion is to cut Perez as I like his least out of the three.

As a fan of Power Girl, I am not the biggest fan of her characterization in this series. I think that Levitz is trying for dispassionate since this is not her Earth but she is coming across as selfish and arrogant. That is not to say that it is all bad, it leaves room for growth but it is annoying since I like the character.

The biggest problem with the story is that it is kind of coming out of nowhere. It stems from the story Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads; I have never heard of it but it is the driving force for the start of the issue and it is confusing for anyone that hasn’t read it. Ultimately it is not insurmountable for the issue but it is confusing. There are also a few “off-screen” assumptions that have to be made that are a little bumpy in the pacing.


Overall a step in the right direction for the series even if it is not the biggest but considering where the series was; I’ll take it. The issue suffers from so many artists at once but it is a fun issue that provides hope for the future.

3 out of 5

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