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Worlds’ Finest #4 Review 0

Worlds’ Finest #4 ReviewOverview:Power Girl and Huntress finish off Hakkou.The Good:The story was good and there was only one flashback! The relative lack of flashbacks was a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, it was good because the story moved on, this fight lasted for four issues and really could have been summed up in two or three but it all worked out in the end.The writing by Paul Levitz was good; the dialogue was the high point of this story arc. In particular the flashback scen...

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Worlds' Finest #4 0

THE GOOD: I really like Kevin Kaguire's artwork. I like the facial expressions the most. They just add a lot of the characters. He also does amazing backgrounds. George Perez is penciling the present part of the issues. I like what he is doing. There are some really cool panels that he drew. The story is still revolving around Hakkou invading Tokyo. Now he is in the bay and is attacking the ships that were there. I really like how Paul Levitz is balancing action with character moments. I really ...

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Power Girl vs. Dull-Zilla 0

Ugh, this sure is one ugly cover. The logo looks like someone just smeared ketchup and mustard on here, and the way the background is black, and Hakkou is black... it makes him look like he's just an outline, and that's extremely awkward. Plus he takes up all the space, despite being nothing but blank space.Perez's art seems even worse than usual, there were a lot of scenes where Huntress and Power Girl looked really old. Plus everything is full of really claustrophobic crowded scenes, everyone ...

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Boring Villain 0

Here is my video review for Worlds' Finest issue 4. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Worlds' Average 0

This series hasn't been doing a lot so far IMO and I can't believe this has came out the good Huntress series and the brilliant Earth 2 series.What I liked about this issue is the art it's very good art although I proffered the art on Huntress this art is still very good. I also like the panel's when the gangsters think Huntress is a easy target then next panel you just see her sitting on a pile of people continuing to eat her ice cream . Although so far I haven't been majorly fond of this serie...

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Rebirth IV 0

Huntress and Power Girl deal with the menace of Hakkou and the threat of nuclear fallout. The final chapter of Rebirth falls short compared to its previous installments; no answers are provided regarding Hakkou's origin, nature or agenda...Please read more of my mini-review of Worlds' Finest #4 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Worlds' Finest #4 0

Rebirth, ConclusionThis is the first issue of the new volume of Worlds' Finest I've had the chance to read. I'm familiar with Power Girl and Huntress' pre-Flashpoint counterparts, and though I was not a fan of Helena at first, I came to like Huntress after seeing her grow as a character. As for Power Girl, I have rarely seen her in a comic, but I do know her back story. When I heard that Earth-2's Power Girl and Huntress would be crossing over to the main DC universe, I really did not care for t...

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