the_mighty_monarch's Worlds' Finest #3 - Rebirth III review

Still Not Really a Fan

DEAR GOD THE LOGO LOOKS EVEN WORSE IN RED. Plus it's a HORRIBLY awkward bright red that looks like neon with a stomach virus, AND it clashes INSANELY with the much more realistic and gentle color palate on the rest of the cover. Holy BALLS. And then it's all tied up neatly in crap with that damn Dark Knight Rises banner. DC. GUYS. SERIOUSLY. STOP WITH THE F***ING BANNERS. They SERIOUSLY f*** up your covers. And ones like this aren't necessary in the least. 90% at the least of the people buying your comics are already buying a ticket to that movie.

Huntress, baby, you know the definition of 'insanity' is 'to try the same thing repeatedly and expect different results?' Seriously, how many times do you have to shoot this guy at point blank range before you realize YOU'RE NOT HAVING ANY EFFECT. REGROUP AND RE-STRATEGIZE! To be fair, in the rest of the issue Huntress really DID impress me with her smarts and movements in battle like few other Huntress appearances before. It makes a lot of sense really, and they throw in a TON of nice nods to the fact that she's the daughter of Earth 2 Batman and Earth 2 Catwoman.

Again, I'm just not really a fan of George Perez's artwork. It definitely has less awkward stiffness than usual, but it still consistently failed to capture me. Again, I much preferred Kevin Maguire's art, and I think Maguire better represents the current range of styles of the time, while Perez's still excessive detail is more apt for the past, but whatever. The real problem with the simultaneous tales this time is that they don't really synch in their storylines AT ALL. The first issue had a nice flow as it jumped between them, but this issue was just like COMMERCIAL BREAK OR SOMETHING and flipped to the past, and then jumped back after a bit. Sure there's some vague things building in the past that are loosely connected to the present happenings, but overall there was no sense of flow between them.

Karen Starr's Boob Window dress. Not sure if amusing continuity nod, or forced indulgent cameo.

In Conclusion: 3/5

Again, I really struggle to fully condemn this series, but I also find it difficult to fully praise it either. Most of the time as I read this series, I'm relatively indifferent to the events, as not much of it endears me to the characters or creates really tense drama or anything. As I've said before, maybe you need to be already a fan of Huntress of Power Girl to really get the full impact of this series, but I think, it being so early and part of the New 52, this is a problem the series' should be trying to avoid. I dunno, whatever.

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