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First Contact Pt.4 of 4! An amusing conclusion, but not much else.

The conclusion to the First Contact story arc!

The Good

In this final issue for the First Contact story arc, Power Girl and Huntress are moments away from getting back home; however is it their home they'll be traveling to? Gammora is talking about "sacrificing" Power Girl, so it's up to Huntress, Batman, and Superman to stop that from happening!

I will say that the "amusing" parts of this issue were my favorite. Seeing Batman and Huntress fistbump and Superman use his X-ray vision on Power Girl; were both funny parts. I think that is contributed to the story as well as the artwork. I respect that Greg Pak and Paul Levitz finished with only four issues, as this issue is proof enough that they were running out of ideas, however I do think this story arc could've gone longer if they really dug deeper. But still, I think for the sake of this story arc, and its characters, ending it here was for the best.

*Fist bump*

Like I said, the artwork was a contribution to the amusing nature of this issue. You would have to read this comic to believe me, but it's really helpful if you read it for yourself. So I recommend that. The pencils by RB Silva and the colors by Jason Wright were all really done well and I liked how it helped the story a bit.

The Bad

What a critical error.

First problem I had with this issue, was quite an obvious one (pictured to the right). You see that? It's "First Contact Pt.3" on the cover and "First Contact Pt.4" on the inside first page of the comic. "Wow" right? This might be nitpicking, but that's just being sloppy to make a mistake like that when obviously this is the fourth and final part of the Final Contact story arc.

I feel that this issue was the weakest of the First Contact story arc. This is the final issue of the story arc; and I was expecting a stronger finish. However instead, it felt a bit like this one was comedy relief. I mean not in the sense that the heroes were making jokes and what not, but it felt a bit more uplifting and that the world wasn't hanging on in the balance. Maybe it was the combination of the design of the characters and the dialogue between the heroes; it just didn't look or read correctly.

I mean those amusing parts were the problem, but they were also the parts I liked. But it still feels wrong.

The Verdict


Well First Contact is over, hate it or love it, this crossover story arc between Batman/Superman and World's Finest had some enjoyable parts. But in the end it does have me scratching my head and wondering what's going to happen next with the evil Earth-2 Superman and also Huntress and Power Girl. This final issue of the story arc left me with a feeling of incompleteness. I feel like this issue wasn't the end of the First Contact story arc and it could've gone on for much longer. However, I guess for now we only wait or continue to read the World's Finest series? It wasn't really clear at the end. Anyway, 2 out of 5. Until the next one!

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Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

This arc is only half good.

It started off great then downgraded after this issue.

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