the_mighty_monarch's Worlds' Finest #11 - Putting it Together review

As Usual, A "Terrific" Failure

There's this annoying tendency for some of the foldout covers so far to depict the END of the issue. This is one of them. Literally, the scene on the cover happens in the last 2 pages.

Wow, so, apparently someone at DC didn't realize until it was too late that the last issue actually had one consistent artist, so they decided to rectify that by giving this issue three completely new-to-the-series artists. I think. I could be wrong about 1 or two of them, but there have been FAR too many artists for 11 issues with no rhyme or reason, so you can't blame me. Ken Lashley's art is good in some places, downright lazy in others. And honestly Robson Rocha's art isn't too different from Barry Kitson AND at least there IS actual scene distinction between artists unlike the recent issues… but overall it's just…. WHY? This is by far and wide the most visually erratic series I've read in my life, it's WAY all over the place, and will be even worse in trade.

SPEAKING of pointlessness, there's a lot of scenes in this issue that just go nowhere. Apparently arms sales that look pretty normal (but apparently DO have Apokolips tech somewhere I can't see) explains… EVERYTHING. From Hakkou to the child soldiers to the werewolf to Mr. Terrific's security being able to hurt Power Girl to the money being embezzled from WayneTech. Yes, arms sales happening in the middle of Africa is the apparent explanation for all the ridiculous loose ends this series spilled all over itself. I wish I was joking.

Oh, and then Huntress decides to try again what she did last issue and investigate Holt Industries. But she's prepared! So THIS time…. things happen exactly the god-damned same way. Well, THAT was a huge waste of pages. Admittedly it was better executed, with scenes demonstrating Huntress' skill and smarts very well, but it was so damn pointless to redo the same scene without any new outcome.

THEN we have, like two issues ago, a completely useless flashback that gives us no new information or character insight or ANYTHING. Just, apparently years ago Power Girl and Huntress broke into a government facility, with stupid ease, that apparently held ALL the information on EVERYTHING supernatural and superhero related. Pretty small room for that, honestly. And Huntress is ENRAGED that there's no info on parallel universes, despite her, I'm pretty sure, not having known about them before she got here. And they leave.

Then we FINALLY get to the scene from the cover. Michael Holt makes his big public return… and literally NOBODY aside from Power Girl has ANY kind of reaction. Was he just not known by the public to be vanished? Like, SERIOUSLY? WHAT THE HELL? I also have problems with the "Next Time!" text being the way I found out who that is. I wasn't sure, but the freaking TEXT told me, not the character himself or anything. So now WE know who he is, and nobody else in the story does. I DO like who it is though.

In Conclusion: 2/5

The plot is so far beyond erratic I can't even imagine what's going through Levitz's head, and it's a shame because I KNOW he can do great work. He tries to tie everything together, but it comes across as very hamfisted and forced, not to mention flimsy. The final cliffhanger is very badly handled, but I do like the basic contents of it. But mostly, why can't this series have even a semblance of artistic consistency!?

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